Mustafa Akbulut and Luis Cisneros-Zevallos led the collaboration to create this two-stage coating. Galvanized steel offers advantages over stainless steel, such as durability and affordability, but is susceptible to bacterial growth and corrosion. The new coating solves both problems. It not only removes bacteria and prevents them from adhering to the surface, but also reduces corrosion by at least 70%.

The coating has “superhydrophobic” and “antifouling” properties; This means it repels water and prevents fungus, bacteria and even dirt from adhering. This research, published in the Journal of Food Engineering, holds great promise for the food industry.

The coating process preserves the structural integrity and mechanical strength of the steel. Only the surface layer in direct contact with the food is coated.

“We want this decision to be made by industry,” says Cisneros-Zevallos.

Source: Ferra

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