Slow service youtube music It is gaining more and more importance among users who see it as an excellent alternative to Spotify. Well, the Android app is quite interesting and has just been updated with improvements, which shows that Google is firmly committed to this development.

There are two major innovations in the new version of the application we mentioned, both in order to improve the experience of users while using the application, and of course, that we want to optimize its use. Interestingly, both as a common element new suggestion panel It’s on YouTube Music. And the truth is, as it seems, this item will be of great help to users.

You can forget to search for things on YouTube Music

This is because a button has now been added to the aforementioned panel that allows you to launch one. Shuffle Playback. This gives you the possibility to forget to find songs or playlists to listen to. It will be the application itself that will create everything, taking into account your tastes. Therefore, just by clicking on the new addon, you will start enjoying the content without having to worry about anything else. The process, obviously, is usual in such vehicles.

New recommendations on YouTube Music


Also, a new option has been added that shows suggestions for listening for a few seconds when a new song starts. In this way, it is possible to benefit from options similar to the options you like. An example: If you’re playing a Dire Straits song, YouTube Music will show you options like some of what Mark Knopfler has to offer. Again, what is sought is to make the work of the users easier.

very important detail

This is nothing but everything stated, it Notification bar This seems to be fixed when running the app we’re talking about. Therefore, the two functions mentioned will be very easy to access and you will be able to do it even from the lock screen because they will also be visible without having to fully access the terminal.

However, not all of them are perfect, as these new features are only available on YouTube Music if you have an Android device running YouTube Music. Android version 12 or 13. Otherwise, it is not possible to implement them due to the limitations of Google’s own software. The truth is, the innovations are interesting and add to the appeal of this music streaming service.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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