Sometimes the mother cat herself trims the kitten’s whiskers. This is done so that he is not too active and does not get injured while exploring the house. Another reason why mustaches become brittle is vitamin and mineral deficiency or some health problems. In this case, the animal’s fur will still become dull, parasites, fungi may appear, and lichens will appear on the face.

As for mustache loss; for example, in Scottish Folds and Sphynxes, they can rupture spontaneously due to the characteristics of their connective tissues.

Also, if you notice that your cat’s whiskers are falling out, it could be due to food/non-food allergies, metabolic disorders, etc. may indicate. This may also occur due to stress.

If a cat loses too many whiskers, coordination of movements will be impaired, it will be difficult for it to find food, a tray, a place to sleep and hide from danger. He will interact noticeably less with humans and other animals. This will also affect the pet’s psyche.

Source: Ferra

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