On April 9, the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal sent the case of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) against the closed self-publishing service for social media posts “Amplifer” to the court of first instance. This is demonstrated by the data from the arbitration case file.

Appeal sent IIDF case against shuttered Amplipher service to trial court


The dispute concerns the possibility of IIDF legally reestablishing the participation of one of Amplifer’s co-founders in the company and then carrying out the procedure for its liquidation.

The IIDF filed an appeal on February 13, after the Moscow Arbitration Court decided in late December to completely reject the claim. In March, the appeal court confirmed the arbitration decision and the appeal was not satisfied.

“This result was largely predictable, since the practice of applying the article on abuse of law in terms of exit from society is very rare, and in Moscow courts it is completely absent, although such a practice is, without a doubt, doubt, necessary. We are sure that sooner or later this judicial situation will be resolved,” Elena Krylova, director of support for investment transactions at the IIDF, told RB.RU.

Amplifer was closed in December 2022, currently 96% of the shares of Amplifer LLC are on the balance sheet of the legal entity, IIDF Invest owns 4%.

IIDF is trying to invalidate the agreement on the withdrawal of one of the founders, Natik Gadzhibalaev, from the membership of Amplifer LLC. Representatives of the fund previously explained that the closed facility is on the balance sheet of IIDF Invest and IIDF cannot correctly carry out the procedure for its liquidation.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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