This cheap sensor is compatible with iPhone and can prevent theft at home

Your home will be safer with this door and window sensor that uses the latest technology because it is Matter compatible.

This door and window sensor is the best and has a great discount

Thanks to HomeKit, we can take full control of our home with countless accessories, from security cameras to motion sensors. AND One of the best accessories you can put in your home to prevent theft is now at a brutal 15% discount. and is fully compatible with iPhone and also Android smartphones.

HE Aqara P2 door and window sensor It was one of the first to support the industry standard Matter. This means that no need for classic HUB To work with our iPhone. A. Apple TV, HomePod mini, or another Google or Amazon speaker with Matter support It will work as a HUB.

Therefore, it is a very interesting accessory that we can place on any door or window in our home and when it is opened, it will send a notification to our iPhone. and now you have a very interesting 15% discount and it’s only 28 euros on Amazon.

Akara Door and Window Sensor P2

With built-in high sensitivity Hall sensor, P2 can detect the opening and closing status of doors, windows and drawers. When activated, the sensor sends real-time alert notifications to your smartphone, ensuring you’re always aware of potential security issues, whether you’re at home or away.

Substance Compatibility

Thanks to Matter, any of these existing devices can be used as a HUB.

Increase the security of your home for only 28 Euros

Door and window sensors are one of the accessories that cannot be missing in a connected and secure home.. Moreover, since it is compatible with Matter and HomeKit, you will not have any connection problems and you can receive notifications on your iPhone or smartphone when a door or window is opened, wherever you are.

You can also: Perform different automations that look like they came from the future. For example, when you open the door in the morning, the heating turns off and the security cameras are activated. You can do all that with this Aqara sensor, and now it comes at a brutal price.

Akara Door and Window Sensor P2

You can integrate the P2 Door and Window Sensor into your smart home ecosystem to enable advanced automations, such as adjusting thermostat settings or activating security cameras when a door or window is opened. Additionally, automations work without the need for the cloud, which protects the user’s privacy and will continue to work even if there is no internet connection.

really? Matter-compatible options are better than previous options that needed their own HUBs for accessories to connect to the internet, this usually costs a lot of money. You will no longer need extra investment with the many smart speakers or an Apple TV we have in our homes.

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