Argentina’s president makes third trip of his presidential term to the United States Javier Miley. On Wednesday, April 10, he arrived in Miami, where the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community Chabad Luwabich called him an “ambassador of light.” On Thursday the 11th, he met with the head of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Ilan Goldfine, and this Friday, the 12th, he met with the owner of X (formerly Twitter), as well as SpaceX and Tesla. Elon Musk.

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According to the Spanish newspaper El País about the meeting:

“Long live freedom, damn it,” was the first thing the ultra-president wrote on Twitter, along with a collage of photos with Musk: one of them posing with a thumbs up, another of them shaking hands, a third of them in Tesla’s meeting room. and also appear with other companions, such as Karina Miley, the president’s secretary and the ruler’s sister. “To an exciting and promising future,” Musk tweeted.

Long live fucking freedom

— Javier Milei (@JMiley) April 12, 2024

What Javier Miley and Elon Musk talked about

According to El País, these were the main conversations between the tech mogul and the Argentine president.

  • “They agreed on the need for a free market and the protection of the ideas of freedom” and “the importance of technological development for the progress of humanity and the need to establish clear and stable rules of the game in order to be able to attract companies that contribute to this development,” the media reported in the Argentine administration.
  • “It was like love at first sight,” described future Argentine ambassador to Washington Gerardo Werthein, one of the participants.
  • Musk stressed the importance of increasing the world’s birth rate, “emphasizing that lack of population growth could be detrimental to our civilization.”
  • Miley offered him cooperation in the conflict between the social network X, purchased by Musk a year ago, and Brazil due to the judicial blocking of several far-right accounts.
  • According to Werthein’s statements reproduced by La Nación, Musk expressed interest in helping Argentina and talked about “look for opportunities” in the lithium production chain.
  • Miley opened the doors to Musk’s Starlink satellite company to begin operations in the country, and the businessman promised to visit the Latin American country this Friday, according to the president: “They agreed to soon hold a major event in Argentina to promote the ideas of freedom.

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