Introducing virtual reality displays Apple Vision Pro launched today Or we need a fantastic price for $3,500. The gadget amazed fans not only with its amazing picture clarity, but also with very subtle tracking of head and hand movements. No, no, no, no, no device status.

Perhaps the main one is the very impressive weight and rather uncomfortable fit. Owners of the headset complained of neck and head pain and even a burst blood vessel in the eye. Emily Allman, media director at Hopscotch Interactive, announced her launch of “Rovalo She Had Black Black Eyes.” This means that the side dish holds 589 grams. This is probably why Apple recommends removing devices at home.

Other users note that the camera does not work correctly, which creates the user’s surroundings with some blur. Low quality is strictly limited by the ability to use the headset. In the description you can see what Vision Pro is and how it works. It is technologically advanced, but designed with ergonomic requirements in mind. Probably, its second iteration, the result of which will occur no earlier than in a year and a half, will be more thoughtful.

Apple Vision Pro

Source: Tech Cult

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