retailer fast shopping so called hacked into cyber attack this Wednesday (22) took the company’s app and online store offline. Also, the actions of cybercriminals affected the Twitter profile of the e-commerce platform.

The official account of Fast Shop on the social network has made posts stating that cybercriminals have been able to access the company’s cloud services on platforms such as AWS, Azure, GitLab and IBM. The information published in the profile shows that employee and customer data would have been compromisedas well as the e-commerce platform source code.

Posts on Twitter also say that the online store will be closed until the 26th and orders have been delayed to the 27th. The group also said it is ready to negotiate to avoid information leaks.

company response

In a memo to the press, the company said its website and app were down as a precaution. In addition, the stores of the brand continue to remain open.

“As a precaution, the company has enabled its security protocols and therefore the website and app are temporarily unavailable, but have already been restored and are working normally,” Fast Shop Estado de S. Paulo told the newspaper.

Finally, the company guarantees: Your customer data is safe. “We emphasize that all stores across the country are open and operating regularly. We emphasize that the entire company’s knowledge base is under strict security processes and there is no evidence of any damage to our customers’ data.”

Operating in Brazil since the 80s, Fast Shop is known by tech fans for selling electronics, including next-gen consoles, PS5, and products like the Xbox Series X and S. The alleged attack comes at a critical moment for the company. recently announced that it is renewing its online business to adopt new technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Source: Tec Mundo

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