Brad Pitt will use F1 in a new Apple TV+ movie

This is how Brad Pitt is getting ready for his next movie!

Brad Pitt will star in a movie for Apple TV+

Apple TV+ isn’t shy about having top stars. It was confirmed some time ago that the service was made with the rights to the movie based on the F1 starring Brad Pitt. Now, in a recent report, they have shared details about it. how the player prepares to meet this challenge.

As is known so far, Brad Pitt will mentor as a retired racer who decides to lead a younger driver to victory. The film will be directed by Joseph Kosinski, director of the upcoming Top Gun movie.

Behind the Wheel for Apple TV+

As F1 reporter Will Buxton shared on his Twitter account, Brad Pitt will drive a Mercedes-designed car on Formula 1 race weekends from Silverstone. All in the making of “the most accurate and impressive racing movie anyone has ever seen”.

What an honor to host the final panel of the day at #F1Accelerate with film copyright Jerry Bruckheimer and Joseph Kosinski. Your F1 movie sounds great. They form an eleventh team and shoot at the track and at the event from the Silverstone Grand Prix until the end of the year.

While driving a race car is a big challenge, other sources say Pitt will not drive an F1 model, but a Formula 2 or 3 car, for less experienced drivers and of course a cheaper version. Journalist Vincenzo Landino shared the details on his Twitter account.

Also, whatever the assigned car, Pitt will drive the car on the track at his own get involved in the action in post production.

Although more and more details are known about this production day by day, The release date has not yet been confirmed.and so far it has only been confirmed that Apple TV+ plans to release the movie both in theaters and on the streaming service later as part of its participation in other awards, thus continuing to expand the catalog of upcoming releases.

Source: i Padizate

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