The object, known as the “Btagai failure” or simply “Batagai ka,” attracts the attention of scientists from various regions of science. A unique thing in the city of Chersky in the North-East. Servants are sort of climbing through the gates to hell.” The second batch was not called “old” and was awarded 650 thousand rubles. years. Now it is on the surface, melted and dry and researched.

Batagaika is a thermokarst depression, its dimensions range from 1 km to 800 m, the cost of which is constantly increasing. Due to the nature of the terrain, the permafrost here is actively melting, releasing new layers. I tried to vary the depths from 50 to 100 m, and also according to one trend – transmitted.

God’s Batagaika opens two million cubic meters of new space space. Dirt and ice are washed away as they melt, opening access to air and flax to deeper layers. Most of the boxes in the boxes are used by “captives” of coins, including the remains of ancient animals, plants, and interesting minerals. These are the most common viruses and microorganisms that can kill deer in the middle tundra. Scientists fear that the “gateway to hell” could lead to something being exceeded. Therefore this very important measurement is not suitable.

Source: Tech Cult

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