19% of Russians note high competition in their industry. Residents of the Novosibirsk region and St. Petersburg rated it five points. This was discovered by analysts from the Rabota.ru and SberPodbor services during a study, the results of which were reviewed by RB.RU.

Almost 20% of Russians notice very high competition in their industry

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25% of those surveyed rated the competence in their activities with four points. These are mainly Sverdlovsk and Muscovites. Three points were given by 36% of respondents, most of them residents of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

To remain competitive in the labor market, 45% of Russians take the initiative at work. Another 39% of survey participants read professional literature. And 35% take courses to acquire new knowledge.

30% of employees receive advanced training. A quarter of Russians are friends of the management and 16% make useful contacts. The same number of respondents reported that they were developing interpersonal skills.

In addition, among the ways to increase competitiveness in the labor market, 15% of respondents noted additional tasks at work, and 16% noted participation in specialized conferences.

3.5 thousand users of the Rabota.ru service throughout Russia took part in the survey.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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