Microsoft this Monday (20), Copilot + PCs, which are laptops with integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the hardware and software level. In addition to Surface models, the new devices will also be available through partner companies such as Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Acer and Asus.

According to website BorderDuring the presentation, Microsoft executive Yusuf Mehdi said that the new computers will be almost 60 percent faster than the MacBook Air with M3 processor. He also said some portable computers will have all-day battery life.

Copilot + PCs (Copilot Plus PCs) will have new functions such as Recall. The tool will allow users to review everything done on that computer, including the websites and programs accessed. Everything is on a timeline, and you just have to look for a moment for the AI ​​to tell you exactly what was accomplished in that time period.

In configurations, laptops will have at least 16 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD in addition to the NPU, and these will be the minimum specifications. In addition to devices with Qualcomm’s Arm chips, portable computers with Intel and AMD processors will also be able to run new artificial intelligence technologies.

In the case of models with Qualcomm chips, they are promised to have up to 15 hours of unplugged power while surfing the internet.

According to Microsoft, the expectation is to sell 50 million Copilot laptops + PCs in 2025.

Price and availability

Laptops from the Copilot + PCs brand are available for pre-sale starting today in the United States, with prices starting from US$ 999 (approximately R$ 5,100 at current prices).

The new wave of artificial intelligence-powered portable computers will be released on June 18 this year.

Co-pilot + PC

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Source: Tec Mundo

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