MTS held the large-scale IT conference True Tech Day 2.0, the key theme of which was the connection between science and technology. Within the framework of the program, the launch of a master’s program at the Higher School of Economics was announced, where specialists in the field of AI will be trained, and the innovative maturity of Russian companies will be studied.

True Tech Day brought together 3,600 participants and became one of the largest IT conferences in the country

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MTS celebrates True Tech Day for the second time. This year, the IT conference gathered 3,600 participants in the MTS Live Hall and more than 85,000 viewers online and became one of the largest in Russia. The program included five topics, during which 50 experts participated.

“This year, the True Tech Day conference focuses not only on modern technologies, but also their connection to science. Our goal is to connect fundamental inventions and business IT needs. I am sure that this can become the basis for the rapid development of the Russian technological industry. Bill Gates said that any innovation requires communication with other people and the exchange of ideas. By bringing together thousands of representatives from the IT, scientific and educational communities at the conference, we stimulate the exchange of ideas, help young talents decide on a future career and help companies and scientific organizations establish effective interaction. .”commented Pavel Voronin, First Vice President of MTS Technologies.

On True Tech Day, MTS announced the launch of a master’s degree in AI at the Faculty of Informatics of the Higher School of Economics, where specialists in the field of AI and the application of these technologies in business will be trained. In addition, MTS, together with the Higher School of Economics, will conduct a study on the innovative maturity of Russian companies to help them realistically assess their advantages and growth areas and timely adjust digital development strategies.

MTS also announced the creation of its own public cloud platform, the investments in which until the end of 2025 will amount to 7.5 billion rubles. It is planned to be deployed on the MTS infrastructure, which includes many data centers from Moscow to Vladivostok, hundreds of thousands of kilometers of communication channels and is one of the largest in the country.

On True Tech Day, the winners of the True Tech Hack hackathon were announced, during which IT specialists competed in developing solutions to improve the quality of life of people with special needs.

In the category “Improving the customer experience of the MTS Live store for users with special needs” the Rangers of Accessibility team from St. Petersburg became the best. The winner of the topic “Development of voice control for MTS Fintech based on artificial intelligence for people with disabilities” was the team “Hitchhiker’s guide to hackathons” with guys from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don.


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Source: RB

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