Xiaomi will soon introduce the Xiaomi Book S, a 12.4-inch tablet with Windows 11 and an included keyboard, in the Netherlands. In addition, the affordable Xiaomi Mi Band 7 fitness tracker and the Electric Scooter 4 Pro, the newest electric scooter in our country, will also appear. The company reported this at a press conference in Paris, where Computer!Totaal is located.

Xiaomi looks at Microsoft Surface Go

The Book S is Xiaomi’s first convertible with Windows 11 and can be tilted with a stand. The device has a 12.4 inch (WQHD resolution) touchscreen, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 processor and has 8GB of RAM. The storage memory size is 256GB. The device has a Full HD webcam. The convertible comes with a wireless stylus for notes and memos, and a detachable backlit keyboard. The keyboard clicks into the Book S via a magnetic connector. According to Xiaomi, the Book S’s battery lasts up to thirteen hours. Charging is done via a USB-C connection with the included 65 Watt adapter.

Xiaomi will soon launch the Book S in the Netherlands with a suggested retail price of 700 euros (150 euros) excluding the keyboard. Computer!Totaal will post a review of the device soon.

In terms of design, features and price, Xiaomi’s convertible is – on paper – a tough competitor to the Microsoft Surface Go 3, as well as the Surface Pro 8.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will also be launched in the Netherlands in the short term. This fitness tracker was previously launched in China. In the Netherlands, Mi Band 7 will cost sixty euros. The wearable replaces the Mi Band 6 and has, among other things, a larger screen (1.62 inches). With Mi Band 7, you can measure your heart rate, sleep rhythm, breathing and oxygen level in your blood. The wearable can also record various sports and is waterproof. According to Xiaomi, the battery lasts up to fourteen days before you need to pick up the charger.

electric scooter

Xiaomi also announced that the new Electric Scooter 4 Pro will appear in the Netherlands. This electric scooter will cost 799 euros and has a range of up to 45 kilometers. The scooter has a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. Please note that electric scooters are not allowed on public roads in the Netherlands. With a scooter like this you can officially only drive it on your own terrain. Legislation may change in 2023 and such scooters will be allowed on public roads.

The scooter is higher than previous models, according to Xiaomi, at the request of users who find the current e-steps too low. In addition, the scooter has larger and more solid tires that can better withstand the spikes on the road, according to Xiaomi, for example.

new smart TV

At the event in Paris, Xiaomi will also introduce a new television, the Xiaomi TV A2. This TV has a 55 inch screen with 4K resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate. This refresh rate makes the TV less suitable for the latest game consoles suitable for 4K playback at 120 Hz. TV A2 supports Dolby Vision, has two 12-watt speakers and runs on Android TV. The latter is notable because Android TV has been replaced by Google TV. This software has a newer look and more functions, but not found on this new smart TV.

The Xiaomi TV A2 is available in 32” and 43” sizes for €249.99 and €449.99 respectively. The release is scheduled for the end of July. The aforementioned 55-inch variant will not be released in the Netherlands because Xiaomi already sells 55-inch TVs here.

Source: Computer Totaal

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