For those who are constantly on the street or traveling, finding a free Wi-Fi access point is now very important. Therefore, hotspots are a way to save internet data and device battery.

Today, there is iOS and Android apps that help users find public networks with free access. Below we list five apps that allow people to find passwords and connect from anywhere, anytime.

1. Wi-Fi Map

WiFi Map is one of the most popular applications among travelers looking for an internet hotspot. The tool uses an intelligent search that identifies public networks closest to the user through an interactive map.

The collaborative platform reports more than 100 million encrypted access points in different parts of the world. With this, the app allows users to add new locations and contribute to the entire community.

2. Instabridge

Instabridge is another app option with a large base of registered free hotspots. According to the developer, the platform has the “world’s largest Wi-Fi community.”


There are more than 10 million registered networks offering secure internet access. In order to encourage cooperation, users earn points when they add new links to the appand all of these are recorded in a world ranking.

3. Wi-Fi Password

WiFi Password also relies on users’ help to provide information about free connections in major cities around the world. As a result, the tool has a database of millions of public networks.

To ensure greater security, the app uses a system that constantly checks the status of hotspots. Networks deemed unsafe are then automatically removed from the search system.

4. WiFi Magic

WiFi Magic is the recommended app for people traveling to more isolated parts of any continent with poor internet coverage. For example, the tool determines the passwords of access points in Patagonia and Central African countries.

Wi-Fi Magic

Like this, The application provides codes of protected networks, revealing connections that are unencrypted and require registration. Another attraction is the possibility of saving a map of WiFi points for free and accessible offline.

5. Wi-Fi Password Recovery

With a suggestion different from others, Wi-Fi Password Recovery is a “professional password recovery”. The application has the function of regaining access to networks already used by the user.

WiFi Password Recovery

The tool securely finds lost passwords and reestablishes the connection without accessing the device’s root directory. While not 100% accurate, it is an option in most cases.

Be careful when accessing public networks

Although it makes people’s lives easier Public networks leave devices exposed and vulnerable. For example, a malicious user could use the network to send viruses or steal information.

Therefore, it is recommended that you install an antivirus and VPN software to protect your smartphone, tablet or computer and avoid logging in or typing passwords when connected to hotspots.

Finally, it is important to always keep device operating systems updated. In general, manufacturers and developers usually release monthly updates that include security and privacy improvements.

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