The Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice (TJRJ) re-adjudicated. Netflix Stop using the company’s high-definition video compression technology. DivX. With this, the streaming platform was able to deliver faster videos and resolutions to the Brazilian market without sacrificing image quality. 4K.

The injunction (interim court order) currently determining the discontinuation of the use of such technology by Netflix was overturned last year, but is back in effect. The platform had until Friday, June 24, to change the compression tool or start paying. fine of R$ 50,000 per day.

DivX accuses Netflix of violating its patent to offer high-definition content in the Brazilian market without a license. The software developer demonstrated the use of his technology with five technical reports submitted to TJRJ.

Netflix denies the use of compression technology, but says it will incur huge losses with the Court’s decision. According to Divx’s attorney, Carlos Aboim, “going to court was the resource found to protect this and new investments in the development of new technologies”.

The move shouldn’t hurt Netflix’s end users, but it comes at a complicated time for the streaming service. After losing its subscribers, the platform went through multiple layoffs and is working on a new free plan.

Source: Tec Mundo

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