This week, one of the most anticipated action films of recent years, Furiosa: The Chronicles of Mad Max, was released worldwide. Director George Miller takes viewing back into the Mad Max wasteland.

As the title implies, it is a prequel to the story of Furiosa, which was brilliantly performed by Charlize Theron in the original. This time the role went to Anya Controller Joy. But first things first.

We have already attended the premiere and are ready to share our impressions. The film is, of course, great, but not without its flaws.

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  • The story is more interesting than the original Mad Max

    Fly in the ointment in a gasoline tank

    The characters are memorable, Hemsworth shows his madness

    The action still delights, but it’s not as smooth as before

    Conclusion. Watch, of course

The story is more interesting than the original Mad Max

What is the movie about: The action film takes us to the wasteland of a post-apocalyptic world, where chaos and lawlessness reign. The plot centers on young Furiosa, living in the world of Green Valley. But her idyllic life is in turmoil when she is captured by the ruthless warlord Dementus.

A prequel to Fury Road, the film takes place over 15 years and follows Furiosa’s cyclical journey from a peaceful child to a fearless, ruthless warrior. And here lies one of the subsequent disadvantages of the film – the understanding that we are seeing a prequel. In other words, we already know that Furiosa will survive the events of the prequel, which reduces the tension and feeling towards the heroine.

But at the same time, the director takes a unique approach to character development, dividing the story into five acts. Miller reveals key moments in Furiosa’s life over 15 years, creating the special atmosphere of the film.

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Fly in the ointment in a gasoline tank

But the story of Furiosa’s origins is drawn out. It is the longest film in the franchise to date, clocking in at 2 hours and 28 minutes in a single run.

Additionally, the film lacks the focus of Fury Road. Instead of focusing on action-packed action, Miller focuses on world-building and supporting character development. Sure, the film does a great job of creating the dark atmosphere of the Wasteland, where laws rule, but this leads to a ragged plot with frequent stops and abrupt starts.

In Mad Max, great chases are the basis, the base, the whole film is built on this. The approach to the new story is completely different; fans initially got used to this pandemic when watching it.

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The characters are memorable, Hemsworth shows his madness

What you can definitely cut George Miller for is to create original, textured and incredibly crazy characters. They are all unique and wildly grotesque, their stories conveyed through subtle details such as costumes and demeanor.
Particular attention, of course, concerns the role of Chris Hemsworth, who, apparently, was openly having fun on the set.

True, the scenes with his hero – a crazy crazy desert pirate – look as good as possible. farcical. You need to understand that this is Miller’s special style, you can’t live without it.

Anya controls Joy thus presented the role and surpassed the image of Charlize Theron in the previous part. Despite very limited dialogue (much like Max in the first game), her performance relies heavily on expressive eyes, and she delivers stunning performances. Her piercing glances from her big eyes are sometimes more eloquent than any words.

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The action still delights, but it’s not as smooth as before

The action scenes are breathtaking, the post-apocalyptic world is full of wild and beautiful details. Miller remains a master craftsman, with attention to detail in every frame. He skillfully creates an atmosphere of chaos and drama, immersing the viewer in the cruel reality of the Wasteland. The effects, whatever they may be, are woven into the overall picture, adding dynamics and entertainment.

Combination bright visual solutions and automotive madness make “Furiosa” an exceptional spectacle, despite some shortcomings.

Unfortunately, for Furious, Miller used more overt CGI visual effects than he did for Fury Road. This is not immediately noticeable, but the medium and long shots are medium artificial, which hinders and leads to an immersive effect as a result. The result gave the impression that a skilled chef had replaced fresh ingredients with frozen food. The taste of the dishes seems to be the same, but there is a nuance. However, the film is still very impressive in its visual observation.

Junkie XL, the same one who wrote the gorgeous soundtrack for the first part, is responsible for the musical accompaniment. Here he tried to keep the bar, but it didn’t work. Yes, the music is similar in its aggressive style, but there are virtually no memorable meaningful emotional moments that made the Fury Road soundtrack.

The absence of moments like “A Storm Is Coming” or the brilliant track “Band of Brothers” takes some of it away from the soundtrack addition. Instead, monotony and a lack of memorable motifs prevail here, making the music less appealing to listen to outside of the film.

While Fury Road’s music did a great job of highlighting the film’s dramatic moments, Furiosa doesn’t, making its soundtrack less impressive than a regular film in the series. The soundtrack serves more as a backdrop to the events than as a key driver of them.

Yes, Coma’s favorite blind guitarist Doof Warrior won’t be on the ropes either. Alas.

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Conclusion. Watch, of course

However, Furiosa: The Mad Max Chronicles is a complex story of the development of a character beloved by all fans of the post-apocalyptic world of the Wasteland.

While the film has its merits, it suffers from some stretching and loss of focus, especially compared to its more focused and fast-paced predecessor.

However, if you are expecting an explosion of fantasy from the director and a thrilling story full of spectacular action sequences and exciting moments, then this film will give you pure boyish delight. This film is for fans of the series who will enjoy new characters and a deeper dive into the world of Wasteland.

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