Do you know the alarm melody on iPhone by heart? Of course you do. I can’t stand waking up to this.

And how cool it would be if, instead, music in the distance simply played pleasant music so that the light itself would fall into the room. I would go into the kitchen, still rubbing my eyes with the music, and there the news would already start, my beloved. Immediately a good mood for the whole day.

As a result, I will make my TV wake me up in a smart way and I wish everyone the same. For this you need Yandex TV Station with Alice and 5 minutes for a break.

How nice it is to set an alarm clock with news and music

To create the script we need an application Smart home with Alice from the App Store or Google Play.

This application manages all smart home devices that operate in the Yandex ecosystem. In addition, settings and automation are enabled and configured here.

“Smart Home with Alice” application on iPhone.

A customizable, pleasant and useful alarm clock in two stages.

1. We tell the TV:

Alice, wake me up every day at 9 am

2. Open the program Smart home with AliceClick on the “plus” in the upper right corner and select the item New scenariothen IfTime → (set the wake-up time) → ThenDeviceAny smart deviceAnswer a question or set up a command → write “Alice, turn on the light in the bedroom”

Now we create another scenario using the same principle, but at the end, instead of turning on the light, we write “Alice, turn on the morning show”

3. Ready! Now the morning will start the way you wanted. You can add more consequences, it all depends on your imagination and the number of smart devices in the house.

This is what it looks like, watch the video 👇

We tested this feature for Yandex TV Stations – new TV Yandex with built-in Alice, Kinopoisk and other company services.

The TV station can be controlled by voice from any corner of the room: turn it on and off, rewind, search for main content, control the volume, and so on.

Even more tricks from Alice and Yandex TV Stations 👉 watch and read here.

Source: Iphones RU

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