The website of the document and cargo delivery operator SDEK has partially restored its operation after a hacker attack that led to a technical failure, RB.RU is convinced.

The website of the delivery operator SDEK has partially resumed operation

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The company clarified that it continues to fix the remaining issues and that the site is “still partially operational.” At the same time, the publication’s journalist was unable to log into the mobile application; The service asks you to “repeat the request later.”

The company stopped issuing and shipping packages at its collection points on May 26 due to a technical problem. On May 28, SDEK cited a failure in computing power as the cause of the problem.

On the night of May 29, the international hacker group Head Mare took responsibility for disruptions to SDEK’s work.

SDEK itself later announced that it would restore parcel delivery no later than May 29.

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Anastasia Marina

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