A 2,500-page secret Google document has been leaked online, detailing how the search engine works.

The leak was reported by Rand Fishkin, founder of SparkToro, a company that produces software for scientific research. From 2001 to 2016, he was involved in SEO website promotion. The leak was shared by Erfan Azimi, an SEO specialist and founder of EA Eagle Digital.

A document called Google API Content Warehouse was accidentally made public on GitHub between March 27 and May 7. This is evidenced by the fact that it provides links to private GitHub repositories and main pages on the Google corporate site, which require a special account.

Several former Google employees reported that the code and document were very similar to the discovery. This same information was confirmed by Mike King, founder of iPullRank and one of the leading SEO technical experts in the world.

This is what the entire leak looks like.

The document describes how Google search works and what factors and components influence search results. The file mainly contains technical data.

Some decisions are made based on the veracity of Google’s public statements. For example, the company says it doesn’t use Chrome data to rank pages, but Chrome is mentioned in sections about how sites are listed in search. In particular, links used under the main URL may be partially created using Chrome data.

According to leaked documentation, Google is using whitelisted sites for common topics such as elections and Covid.

Google did not comment on the leak and did not contact Fishkin with attention. [WccfTech]

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