iPhone 13 Pro Max drops in one of the most unexpected in history

This iPhone 13 Pro Max with A15 Bionic chip and 6 GB RAM is on sale at a much cheaper price

iPhone 13 Pro Max broke down in a major incident

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is one of the most complete phones Apple has released in recent years. It has a little bit of everything: a highly visual design, excellent specifications and a huge 6.7-inch OLED display. Moreover, it is now sold much cheaper on Amazon.

Currently, many consumers are considering buying the iPhone 15 or waiting for the iPhone 16. But others prefer to opt for cheaper options. We have a very interesting offer for them from Amazon, which includes a much cheaper than usual iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Apple launched the iPhone 13 Pro Max at the end of 2021 at a price of 1,259 euros. The value of the phone has recently been around 800 euros, but with the offer we recommend today, its price remains around 1,259 euros. 668 euros on Amazon. On other platforms such as Aliexpress, the price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 611 Euros. Who gives more?

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Is the iPhone 13 Pro Max worth buying in 2024?

In our buying guide for 2024 iPhone models, we highlight the iPhone 13 Pro Max: One of the phones with the longest battery life on the market. So if you’re tired of charging your iPhone’s battery and want to refresh it, perhaps this is one of the best options.

Moreover his 6.7 inch widescreen This makes the iPhone 13 Pro Max at Amazon offer the perfect device for gaming, surfing the web, streaming series, and even working on work projects.

What about performance? Has it decreased over the years? The truth is that with iOS 17 and the latest software updates, the iPhone 13 Pro Max continues to perform at its peak and will support many years of updatesSo in that sense there is nothing to worry about.

iPhone 13 Pro Max review on NewEsc YouTube channel.

In our humble opinion, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is still worth it in 2024. Especially when it’s available for as cheap as this Amazon deal. Note that a new iPhone 13 Pro Max can cost you around 750 euros, so the choice is yours.

The item is refurbished, fully functional and in excellent condition. Backed by Amazon Renewed’s 1-year warranty.

Since this iPhone 13 Pro Max is a refurbished product, it is very cheap. But in excellent condition and a wide range of high-quality features. It has 6 GB RAM, triple camera, OLED screen…

In fact, the majority of consumers do not care if the device is refurbished. So much so right now It’s a highly demanded iPhone and there are very few left in stock.. If you blink you’ll miss it!

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Amazon offer is valid for the iPhone 13 Pro Max model. 128GB storage and color alpine blue. The price of other versions, such as the silver iPhone 13 Pro Max, is 675 Euros. A unique opportunity to bring a piece of machinery with excellent performance and impeccable design to your home.

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