Recently, a new game, Hamster Kombat, has gone viral in Russia. Probably only the lazy have not heard of it.

According to some reports, more than 45 million people already play it. They talk about it in all Telegram channels and encourage people to take part.

People poke at the hamster and expect that it will pay off sooner or later. After all, the creators claim that they can make money from their project. This is a once popular analogue of Notcoin with similar gameplay.

Let’s figure out what kind of game this is and whether it’s possible to actually get money from it.

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  • What is Hamster Kombat
    Should you trust Hamster Kombat?
    How to start playing and leveling up in Hamster Kombat
    So is it possible to make money here?

What is Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat is a clicker game where the player receives a small amount of coins in one move. Accordingly, the more you click, the more virtual currency you will receive.

In the game, you play the role of the CEO of a large crypto exchange. Which one you choose yourself: be it Binance or HTX. This doesn’t affect anything. The main problem is the depth of the exchange channel. To increase its level, you just need to collect the number of coins.

With the development of your wallet, the hamster also changes: about providing fur and acquiring clothes.

The mechanics in the game are no different from analogues and the same Notcoin. The project itself is also hosted in the form of a Telegram bot. She doesn’t need extra space, just enough connect to your messenger account.

The point of the game is to earn a number of coins. In the future, they can be exchanged for cryptocurrency tokens, and they can already be exchanged for real money. But this happened after the official listing.

Cards Special and referral program

The game has various improvements and boosters. For them you can get coin multipliers, restore energy, and so on. You can also connect passive income. Accumulate specific data, recognize an improved tool to automatically mine coins in the background.

The game also provides various tasks. For completing them, developers generously donate tens or hundreds of thousands of coins. They help you pump up noticeably faster and do not require any investment. It is enough, for example, to subscribe to a YouTube channel, watch a publication in X, and so on.

There are modes and cards improvements, are located in the My section. Each card can be obtained several times, they puncture your business from different sides. For example, take yourself a “publication in a crypto publication”, actually +40 coins per hour. And the launch of fan tokens will allow you to get another +950 coins per hour.

Cards are revealed as your level increases. Most are not available at the start. Some of them give an instant bonus and do not increase your income, for example, you can immediately receive 7.5 million coins for an interview.

Of course, the system of abstract links has not gone away either. For inviting friends to the game, you are given 5,000 (if he does not have Premium) or 25,000 coins (if he has Premium). You are also awarded a bonus for friends and other good results, for example, if they increase their level.

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Should you trust Hamster Kombat?

Screenshot from popular Notcoin

There are plenty of similar Hamster Kombat clickers on the market.

Notcoin was preferred on their official background support from Pavel Durov. He has repeatedly promoted the game and the cryptocurrency itself. It is for this reason that Notcoin has been listing all the time – a process in which a crypt is included in the list of exchange assets, after which it can be used to open a purchase or sale transaction, replenish the balance and withdraw funds using wallets.

Hamster Kombat states that they are collaborating with a certain crypto exchange, the listing will take place in June 2024. And the airdrop (free distribution of tokens) will take place on the TON household network. However, there are no exact dates yet.

Almost nothing is known about the creators themselves and the HMSTR script.

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How to start playing and leveling up in Hamster Kombat

To start playing, just open a special bot in Telegram called Hamster Kombat Bot.

For pumping you need click, click and click for a hamster. And also use boosters in the Mine and Boost sections. Here’s what you can achieve as you progress:

Exchange level/Coins on balance

1. Bronze/0

2. Silver/5,000

3. Gold/25,000

4. Platinum/100,000

5. Diamond/1,000,000

6. Epic/2,000,000

7. Legendary/10,000,000

8. Master/50,000,000

9. Grandmaster/100,000,000

During the day, you can fully restore energy 6 times to earn even more coins. It’s free. With each booster, the number of coins received per tap increases, and this is worth paying close attention to.


Plus, you can use a booster to increase your energy capacity to tap even longer.

Well, don’t forget to complete additional tasks in the Earnings section. They are constantly updated, so check this section periodically.

Pay special attention to the “My” section. This is where you can get passive income by purchasing cards. There will also be an autoclicker in the future, but at the time of writing it was not available.

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So is it possible to make money here?


This question remains open and is tightly regulated when and how the listing of the HMSTR cryptocurrency promoted by Hamster Kombat will take place.

It is possible to ensure that you receive something in a regular bill. This will be known in the future, but now it is useless to make any predictions. But thanks to the game’s high popularity, there is a chance that anyone will get anything. However no guarantees.

One thing is already known for sure. While gamers around the world are just planning to make money on Hamster Kombat, others are already getting money and popularity. This happens precisely due to abstract links within applications and other native advertising: viewing advertisements, subscribing to projects, connecting, and so on. And not only they gained fame due to this game. The network is already full of guides on “guaranteed quick earnings.”

It is also impossible to ensure that the crypt does not collapse after listing. Any Exchange may reduce delisting at its discretion. Then the earned coins can no longer be sold. Memcoins often take off quickly, but then die just as quickly due to popularity and public interest.

Should I play for work? The choice is yours alone. To pass the time, Hamster Kombat is great for watching a fairly diverse clicker game in the form of a cute main character.

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