As of now, Gmail’s new design is an opt-out function. Google has been rolling out the new design since February. Then you can indicate whether you want to use it voluntarily. But now you have to reverse the action yourself if you want the old design back.

What exactly is going on? Earlier this year, Google announced a design change for Gmail. The popular email service not only provides access to more Material Design elements, but also better integrates Google Meet, Spaces and Chat components.

Now you probably see all these separate sections in the menu on the left. You can view your open chats and start a meeting immediately, for example, via Meet. While that basically doesn’t change, Gmail as a whole will get a clearer layout.

New Gmail Design

It is nothing new for Google to release the new design. After all, this has been happening for months, but the distribution is moving steadily. More and more people are getting in touch with the new design. Previously, this was an engagement experience: you are informed that the design is available and can indicate that you want to use it.

Now it’s the opposite: Google will now make the change for you and you can revert to the old design manually. Whether you want it or not is another matter, because in the end we all have to believe it.

Later in 2022, Google will make the revamped design available to everyone and there is no going back. So what can you expect from the new design? Well, mainly the overview. The messy layout on the left gets an extra bar with quick access to four products in Gmail: your mail, Meetings, Chats, and Spaces.

one click

When you click on one of the pieces on the left, the screen changes immediately. So you get direct access to functions you may already know with an extra click.

through Quick Settings on the right (gear icon) you set the buttons you want to use on the right (after toggling, automatically or manually). Revert to original Gmail viewwhich takes you back to the old format.

If you don’t like the new design, you can come back now, but keep in mind that Google will forcibly transfer you to the new experience later this year. So peel off that plaster and start getting used to the new design.

Source: Computer Totaal

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