RB.RU presents a newsletter for those who want to become entrepreneurs and start their own business. In a series of featured letters, industry experts share their experiences and advice to help you understand the basics and avoid common mistakes.

Start your business with RB.RU – newsletter for aspiring entrepreneurs

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The newsletter “Start a business with RB.RU” consists of seven series of letters, each of which focuses on one topic. We recommend subscribing to the newsletters one at a time and, after studying one topic, moving on to the next. But if you want to read letters on different topics at the same time, you can subscribe to several mailing lists at once.

Letters from each mailing list will arrive once a week. 7 weeks on a topic. In 49 letters we will talk about such important aspects of entrepreneurship as:

  1. looking for a business idea;
  2. market and competitor analysis;
  3. build and hire a team;
  4. Economics and Finance Unit;
  5. marketing and sales;
  6. business creation;
  7. looking for money from the beginning.

You can subscribe to the newsletters that interest you on a special page. Starting a business alone is always difficult, so let’s walk this path together.


Grigori Shcheglov

Source: RB

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