The SIGGRAPH 2024 conference is planned for 2024 – algorithm How to transfer data from the Google Earth service to Minecraft used. His second is Lewis. In fact, most of the projects were used in Minecraft, but not the slightest insignificance of tasks brought them to completion, so I decided to matize the process.

Voxel Earth

The algorithm is very useful, it is necessary to prepare high-resolution photos and models from Google Earth in all Minecraft voxels. In automatic mode, this is offered on the map to transfer it to the game. High quality of work – on a completely unoptimized work of the OTA with a huge number of days, which in addition are constantly appearing.

Voxel Earth

Lewis’s development is open to verification – in particular, in it Do not perform new methods and execution of work. It is stated that this program provides virtual reality, Minecraft is a free online platform. In addition, the maps are presented in real time. Indeed, if you bet on a given number of changes, in in in the universe, you can create inter these lands, d simulated lines? her.

Source: Tech Cult

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