HE TikTok After the publication of an alarming report in the USA, it is again in the focus of attention of the US authorities. BuzzFeed. Now, an official from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), both Google and Apple remove the app from their respective stores.

The order came in an open letter written by one of the FCC executives, Brendan Carr. He posted the contents of his letter in a post on Twitter and cited the report. BuzzFeed This, including an audio leak confirming the suspicion, speaks to the Chinese government’s alleged access to TikTok users’ data.

Carr says TikTok isn’t just a video app, it’s just going to be a “lamb suit”. The politician’s full letter is quite extensive and can be read by following the tweet thread above.

Apple and Google were given until July 8 to remove TikTok from their stores, but it was unclear what the consequences would be in case of disobedience. The two companies have not made an official statement on the subject so far.

It is worth remembering that TikTok has been a constant target of the previous administration of the US government. In 2020 and 2021, there was a threat that the app would be banned from the region unless it was acquired by a US company. The deadline was extended twice and then simply ignored.

Source: Tec Mundo

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