According to Rubleva, you need to drink fractionally and often, avoiding large amounts of liquid at once. In hot weather, adults are recommended to drink 2 liters of water, and children – 1.5 liters. In the heat, the body’s need for hydration increases sharply, so you need to maintain water-salt balance.

But you should drink plain, clean water. It is better to stay away from mineral water, especially because of its composition, which can disrupt the functioning of the kidneys. It is better to stay away from sweet water and soda, because these types of drinks quench your thirst for a short time and then you want to drink it again. And maybe even stronger.

“Due to heavy losses through sweat, the need for fluids increases. Therefore, in hot weather, you should drink as much water as possible – at least two liters per day. Children can drink a little less – about one and a half liters. You need to drink little and often, try not to drink a lot of fluid at once,” the doctor advised.

News materials are not equivalent to a doctor’s prescription. Consult a specialist before making a decision.

Source: Ferra

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