In “Complex Statutes” a pilot project “name on behalf of Michigan” was launched. The implementation is carried out by the company Cavnue, which is very popular © Alphabet. The project includes a length of 3000 meters. These vehicles are equipped with car infrastructure. Participate operational information about the situation on the road, the Ministry of Transportation will be able to quickly respond to emerging problems.

At a 200-meter interval, they are separated from each other by telescopic and sensor modules and non-communicative observation. In addition, the road will be equipped with cameras that will take photos and affect the routes for processing AI processing. At the heart of the neural network set will be formed an idea of ​​​​the conditions of driving conditions. Representatives of Cavnue We recommend that you connect to the road of any vehicle that has the necessary equipment.

A pilot project is planned to calculate the actual highway up to 40 km from Detroit to Ann Arbor. Similar plans were made 10 years ago.

Smart Highway

Source: Tech Cult

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