Starlink. This is a satellite communication system. The purpose of this project is to provide high-speed Internet through a network of many small satellites in low Earth orbit. In this case, the Internet speed reaches 1 Gigabit per second. This complies with the 5G standard. Such devices allowed the Ukrainian army to establish high-bandwidth Internet communications. They use this system to coordinate artillery strikes and control drones.

Unmanned boats in maritimeThe only thing the Russian military has achieved so far is to counter such boats with multi-purpose naval helicopters armed with machine guns. There was only one case of such a boat being destroyed.

M142 HIMARS and MGM-140 ATACMS. These are, respectively, a multiple launch rocket system and a ballistic missile. The maximum range of their destruction is 300 km. The mobility of HIMARS allows it to attack unexpectedly and quickly hide from a retaliatory attack. Therefore, Russian missile forces manage to intercept such missile systems only occasionally.

M2 Bradley. This is an American infantry fighting vehicle. This vehicle is armed with a 25 mm automatic cannon, a 7.62 mm machine gun and anti-tank guided missiles. This modification also received additional armor that protects the 30 mm gun from armor-piercing sub-caliber shells. It became possible to install dynamic protection, there is infrared protection against first-generation anti-tank missiles, a combat information and control system and a tactical navigation system. But in the end, the vehicle weighed 36 tons, which is equivalent to the weight of the T-55.

UAV “Baba Yaga”. Since most of these drones are handmade, there is no common standard. These drones have six engines and propellers instead of four, and if one of the propellers is lost, they can return to base for repairs. “Baba Yaga” is up to 3 meters long, has very noisy propellers, can reach speeds of 40 km/h and can climb to an altitude of 150 meters above the ground. These drones are protected from air defense systems and electronic warfare systems, but can be hit by light weapons. “Baba Yaga” is easily identified by thermal imaging cameras. Russia has no equivalents to this weapon.

Source: Ferra

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