The director of the Tretyakov Gallery said that a special bulletproof protective capsule has been ordered for Repin’s famous painting, which will contain the canvas on display in the gallery.

Repin’s painting “Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan on November 16, 1581” is considered one of the most “unlucky” canvases, so to speak, exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery. It has already been attacked by vandals twice, in 1913 and in 2018.

In January 1913, Abram Balashov (son of a major manufacturer) hit the painting three times with a knife. As a result, the faces of Ivan the Terrible and his son were severely damaged. The restorer (of the St. Petersburg Hermitage) Bogoslovsky restored the damage to the canvas with a knife, and Repin himself participated in the restoration of the painting (the faces in the picture).

In 2018, another vandal, Igor Podporin, broke the painting’s protective glass with a metal fence post, hitting the painting several times. As a result, the canvas was torn in three places, and pieces of protective glass were glued into the painting.

Shipment of painting for restoration

The restoration of the painting took about a year and a half.

Painting restoration process.

And so, in order to prevent the third “assassination attempt”, it was decided to make a special bulletproof protective capsule for the painting, which would protect the painting from any vandalism attempts. The glass of the capsule will have anti-vandal, anti-reflective and bulletproof properties.

“Birth of Venus”

Capsules made with similar materials have already protected two works by Botticelli, located in the Uffizi Gallery (Florence).

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