this open The expansion of its offer becomes official this Tuesday (5th) Wi-Fi Network A new type of contract for residential fixed broadband customers, technology that makes it possible to take the internet signal to all rooms of the property. Small and medium-sized companies will also have access to innovation in the coming days.

The product offered by the operator since 2018 is now integrated with the broadband plans sold, allowing payment on the same invoice. According to the company, the technology is available for all internet speeds. 1Gbps ultra broadband.

Suitable for properties where users have problems with the Wi-Fi signal that does not reach every corner of the house, Claro Mesh Wi-Fi It has extenders that can create a unique and intelligent network. From here it is possible to extend the signal range by covering the entire dwelling and maintaining the maximum speed.

“We are always looking for the next new thing and it is our innovation to simplify the Wi-Fi Mesh offering in fixed broadband and integrate it with the plans we already offer, bringing even more convenience and customer experience,” he said. Marketing, products, combinations and offers at Claro, Fábio Nahoum.

How much?

Fixed broadband subscribers can add: Clear Wi-Fi Mesh Value refers to the kit with two extenders, based on your payment plan starting at R$20 per month. There is also the option to order as many extenders as the user wants, paying an additional R$10 for each extra unit.

The service, which includes technical support for the installation and maintenance of equipment, is available in more than 90 cities across Brazil and can be combined with: Ultra DotExtends the signal coverage through the network cable.

Source: Tec Mundo

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