iPhone location services don’t just tell you where you are on the globe. In addition, these types of features are also used by Apple in other scenarios. Among them, collecting data from your environmentto offer you up-to-date information about it or to help Apple improve its location services.

However, many users are often completely unaware that their iPhone run this process in the background. While Apple says they’re completely anonymous, encrypted, and “doesn’t personally identify you,” it might be easier for some to know that their iPhone isn’t recording their location all the time.

Fortunately, this feature can be deactivated without changing the way your mobile phone works. So you won’t miss any important service on your iPhone. You can actually get two benefits: more privacy and slightly longer battery life since your iPhone doesn’t have to use these services all the time anymore.

How to turn off important places on your iPhone

this feature it’s pretty hidden in the iPhone settings menu. However, accessing it is not at all difficult. Just make sure you follow the procedure below.

  1. open app Settings your iPhone.
  2. Go to option Confidentiality.
  3. Here you will see several additional options. We are interested in calling Location.
  4. Work all the way down this menu until you see system services. Enter the last one.
  5. Search important places.

your iphone it will ask you to confirm that it is about you. To do this, you will need to enter your passcode or verify your identity with Face ID or Touch ID. Now you will see the menu that we are interested in.

deactivate important places. Although Apple claims that this feature was designed “to offer you useful information related to locations in Maps, Calendar, Photos, etc.”, but you most likely won’t notice a difference from when it was on.

With this modification your iPhone will stop recording your location all the time and send it to Apple. Of course, the location functions through the company’s Find service will still be available, so don’t worry if you lose your iPhone.

Clear location history

This is an additional step you can take if you don’t want your location history to remain on your iPhone. By pressing this button, all history of important places will be deletedso that neither you nor anyone else can consult them again.

  1. On the menu important placesSearch Delete history.
  2. The device will ask you to confirm this action. This will remove locations not only from your current iPhone, but from all other devices associated with your Apple ID.
  3. click on Delete history one more time and it will all be over.

Source: Hiper Textual

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