Ten years ago, an experiment with gamers was conducted at the University of Rochester, which showed that fans of shooters and action games make more correct decisions in units of time than exports and leisurely strategies. This is not noticeable, but is of great importance for brain development. It was a theory then, but now it has received scientific confirmation from scientists at the University of єєЏt.

Investigators used the MRI function to analyze the activity of the brain and its esp. For the experiment, two groups of young people were selected, the first group included experienced gamers (they play more than 5 hours a week), the second group (they play less than 1 hour a week). They were placed in an MRI machine and underwent several tests.

The main goal of the experiment was to test the speed and options for making decisions. The subjects were shown a screen on which dots of different colors moved in official institutions. They were given a few seconds to fill, after which the question was asked about t, how and how moving t, v .. Only three seconds were allotted for the answer, after which the task was repeated.

The results were confirmed by the driver. Most interesting, the MRI showed clear changes in their brain activity, primarily in the lingual gyrus, thalamus, and enlargement of the motor area. Video games turned out to be an effective tool for the development of attention, soros setvava r. It remains to apply them precisely for the development of useful properties, and not only for entertainment.

Source: Tech Cult

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