Here are the iPad models that Apple will release in 2023

Apple plans to launch some iPad models in 2023, while canceling other formats of its tablet.

Apple will update some iPad models in 2023

Apple introduced three different iPad models in 2022 especially with great news in the hardware space. Cupertino has launched two versions of the iPad Pro 2022 with the M2 chip, the iPad 2022 with the new full-screen design and the iPad Air 2022 with the M1 processor and 5G connectivity.

These iPad updates can give us invaluable clues as to which iPad models Apple may offer throughout 2023. Something we will try to solve below. Right after Apple declared the 3rd generation iPad mini obsolete. Some come, others go. This is life!

Thinking of refreshing your old iPad? do you want to know in advance Which iPad models will be released in 2023?? In this case, you are in the right place. Read on to try and figure out what kind of iPads this exciting 2023 year holds for us.

Which iPad models will revolutionize in 2023?

In the last quarter of 2022, there were many rumors about iPad models with huge dimensions and tablet versions with OLED screens. Not all of them will be released in 2023. In some cases we will have to keep waiting.

iPad mini 7th generation

ipad mini

iPad mini launched in 2021

Apple hasn’t replenished its fleet of iPad mini products since 2021, when they launched the 6th generation iPad mini with a modern redesign with an edge-to-edge display and a chip. A15 Bionic. It looks like this year 2023 will be the year it finally gets a new update.

The company with the bitten apple logo must succeed in implementation. a more powerful processor and other hardware component improvements. a battery with more autonomy taking into account the dimensions of the current generation iPad mini.

There aren’t many other reasons to update the iPad mini line in 2023. there is room for improvement. The 2023 iPad mini will be a very interesting development, as the Face ID facial recognition feature is only for iPad Pro models for now. mass production could begin at the end of 2023 or in the first half of 2024.

They report from Macrumors that Apple refreshed its iPad mini models every year from 2012 to 2016, but updates became less frequent after that.

Release in 2023: It’s very possible.

iPad 11th generation

ipad 10

The new tenth-generation iPad is a very interesting option

The delightful range of iPad products reached its 10th generation last year, so it’s unlikely we’ll see the 2023 iPad launch.

Currently, the 2022 iPad is available at a very cheap price. A very good product for the price and it would be a very bad marketing strategy Invest more money in the production of another very similar iPad model in 2023.

iPad (2022) has a chip A14 Bionica screen 10.9 inchesconnection 5Gcamera ultra wide angle It a 12-megapixel camera and compatibility with the 1st generation Apple Pencil. Of course, there is a lot of room for improvement. But its price would skyrocket and its commercialization wouldn’t make sense, at least in 2023.

Moreover, There are no concrete rumors About the release of a 10th generation iPad for the year 2023. It’s just the possibility of a cheap plastic iPad, but it seems very unlikely, in which case we should rule out its arrival.

Release in 2023: Unlikely.

iPad Pro 7th generation

iPad Pro 2022

The new 2022 iPad Pro is here and it comes with the powerful M2 chip

iPad Pro models are Apple’s flagship iPad. The great heroes of a great work of art, born to dazzle the world with the greatest technological innovations.

The most advanced tablets on the planet, and also the most rumored iPads every year. In fact, the company with the bitten apple logo regularly refreshes the iPad Pro series. Will this year be an exception?

Everything seems to be no, but it is worth noting that the 2022 iPad Pro models already have M2 chips and Apple currently does not have a more powerful processor to implement in its tablets. The first M3 chips won’t appear until the second half of 2023, so there’s little hope that the 2023 iPad Pro will launch in October or September.

An ideal world would allow us to witness the launch of an iPad Pro. Camera system with Dynamic Island, OLED display, M3 chip and 48 megapixel lens. But everything is not perfect and unfortunately we do not live in a dream world. The development of such an iPad Pro will require more time. We’ll see if there’s an iPad Pro in 2023 this year or if we have to wait until 2024!

Release in 2023: Possible.

iPad Air 6th generation

iPad Air

iPad Air (5th Gen)

Apple introduced the 5th generation iPad Air in March 2022. M1 chip, front camera center framing support, USB-C port and new color options. However, it was a minor update from the 2020 model.

It’s actually been a long time since the iPad Air didn’t receive any major hardware changes. In 2023, it will have the opportunity to incorporate many innovations, but this Cannibalizing sales of the iPad Pro series.

And what new features might we see at the so-called 2023 iPad Air launch? Perhaps the implementation of a processor m2including a port Lightning or maybe landing Face ID First time on a tablet other than the iPad Pro but honestly, highly unlikely.

Release in 2023: Unlikely.

14-inch iPad Pro

iPad Pro

iPad Pro on a desk

Recently, many rumors have leaked about the possible arrival of the 14.1-inch iPad Pro and 16-inch iPad Pro. company looks be interested in developing large tablets however, we recently learned that the 14-inch iPad Pro project has been cancelled, so we have absolutely no chance of seeing this huge iPad Pro in 2023…

At first, the screen of the 14.1-inch iPad Pro was expected to have mini-LED technology, but later it was learned that it would be a screen. LCD. Little is known about this iPad Pro and we don’t know if the wheel of rumors will spin again about it.

There are also many rumors about its release. 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models with OLED displaysbut its commercialization was to be by 2024.

Release in 2023: It is cancelled.

So far, here is the list of iPad models that Apple may or may not offer this year as of 2023. Of course we can’t 100% confirm all options, but these are the most likely theories taking into account the latest rumors.

Source: i Padizate

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