One of the latest scams on social media, “Pix robot” uses a network of fake profiles with over 600,000 followers and 365,000 likes to attract new victims and steal their data. A survey conducted by PSafe between May and June and published today (14) shows this.

The cybercriminals behind the campaign use various tactics to get the attention of the targets. One of them is tagging profiles in posts, warning people that they will get cash rewards and they have to click on a link to enter their data and get the default amount.

There are also approaches that involve dissemination. fake promotions, the user has to send an amount to the scammer to get 10 times the deposited amount. In others, group offers PIX drawsrequesting personal and bank information to compete for fictitious prizes.

All these tactics, according to the cybersecurity lab, stealing sensitive information then it will be used in various types of fraud such as card cloning. How they encourage victims to provide data and make money transfers they can be framed as embezzlement.

protection tips

also Pix’s Robot ScamThere are profiles that promise rewards of thousands of reals to those who provide their data. According to experts at the cybersecurity firm, being suspicious of offers with great benefits and requesting personal information like these is one of the ways to protect yourself from online fraud.

Also indispensable check the correctness of the links Avoiding access to malicious websites that may accompany messages shared on social networks via WhatsApp or SMS. Using security solutions on mobile phones and computers is another protection tip.

Not providing personal data on suspicious links is one way to protect yourself.

Social network users should still be suspicious promotions that require an initial transfer to receive larger sums in return and never provide sensitive data about suspicious source links. Regarding Pix, if you need to receive transfers from strangers, it is better to use random keys instead of phone numbers or CPF.

Source: Tec Mundo

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