The Ministry of Digital Development plans to introduce the bug bounty concept into legislation. Now such specialists can be prosecuted for illegal access to computer information.

Mintsifra plans to legalize payments to white hackers

Such a decision will legalize payments to white hackers who test information systems for vulnerabilities, Vedomosti writes.

White hat hackers work under the Bug Bounty program and are rewarded for finding bugs. Their actions can also be interpreted as illegal access to computer information (article 272 of the Penal Code).

The legally fixed concept can become one of the standards for evaluating the real security of organizations, both commercial and government, said Yaroslav Babin, head of The Standoff project at Positive Technologies.

In February, Russia's Ministry of Digital Development launched a cybersecurity center to protect government information systems from hacker attacks. Its characteristic is attribution.

The center will not only collect and analyze data to classify attacks according to the degree of danger and increase the effectiveness of countering them, but also determine the affiliation of hackers to one group or another. And the methods and processes to attribute computer attacks are confidential information.

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