TikTok announced this Friday (15) that its users will be able to customize the videos that appear on its page. “For you”. when specifying words and hashtags A filter will be automatically applied to the content you don’t want to consume. According to the company, the resource will be distributed in the coming weeks.

Examples given by the platform include simple things like not wanting to see recipes that use a certain type of food or meat. However, when used with the new feature, the tool can help you gain a lot more control over your feed. “Content Level”It takes the “maturity” level of the content as a criterion and prevents adult content from reaching younger audiences.

According to website BoundaryAnother automated tool developed by the platform aims to prevent it from appearing again and again by identifying content that may be educational but is problematic when overconsumed, such as diets, depression-related material, and other sensitive topics. users

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While word filters only include video descriptions and text tags, it’s only a matter of time before TikTok will include video transcripts as its captioning feature is quite advanced. This way, filters will become more and more efficient at blocking content.

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It is important for the platform to position itself and give users the option to control what they consume. TikTok has been involved in many controversies over inappropriate content and lack of enforcement, including a lawsuit accusing it of violating the Statute of Children and Adolescents (ECA).

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