this Positive Smart Home Wednesday (13) presented its first line smart robot vacuum cleanersBringing the possibility of volume control as differential . The models are among the innovations of the brand that emerged at the fair. Eletrolar Show 2022It takes place in São Paulo (SP).

With a complete ecosystem, Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi this Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi+ work with voice commands as Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. Devices can also be controlled by mobile phone using a full-featured app.

It is possible to program the vacuum cleaner to switch on at a more convenient time, for example when no one is home, or to synchronize the work with other smart products of the brand. Both versions have up to 100 minutes of autonomy and automatically return to the base station when the battery is low.

Joyful Positivo Casa Inteligente vacuum robots They also have advanced motion sensors with a gyroscope, which facilitates the performance of work to avoid obstacles and allows tracking of the trajectory by mobile phone. Another highlight is the higher suction power, reaching 1,600 Pa in the Wi-Fi version and 2,000 Pa in the Wi-Fi+.

3 in 1 function

In addition to sweeping house dust, Positivo smart robot vacuum cleaners it also has the ability to sweep and mop, offering thorough cleaning. To this end, they include a 600ml dust tank, strategically placed cleaning brushes and cloths, and HEPA filters to remove allergenic particles.

With sales scheduled to begin in the second half of July, Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Positive Its suggested price is R$1,299, and the Wi-Fi+ model is R$1,499. Devices can be found on the Positivo Casa Inteligente website and on the retail network.

Source: Tec Mundo

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