Another sale on AliExpress is in full swing. This time without big official discounts and coupons – on the site just an approximate exchange rate of the dollar to the stock exchange. Now shopping is really profitable!

Maybe in our collection. Just not the cases that the most advantageous offers are published in our Telegram channel. choose and buy!

1. Bear vacuum sealer


Popular and quite high-quality in the market of household vacuum cleaners with delivery from Russia.

Copes with both bags and plastic utensils equipped with suitable valves.

Price: 3990 990 rub. with coupon

2. Ruigaoda wireless charger

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Compact triple-connection wireless charger to recharge smartphones, watches and headphones at the same time.

It is convenient to carry with you, a stand for a smartphone is possible. Suitable for all Qi-compatible devices.

Price: 3340 1670 rub.

3. Modular lamp Yabstrip


Affordable tilting module of a well-known touch-controlled luminaire connected to several individual cell elements.

Own application also allows you to customize profiles, get the effect of “color music” and manage cells. It also comes with an infrared remote control.

Price: 2936 1820 rub.

4. Inkersi laser rangefinder


The most affordable rangefinder. Not very good in bright light, but in his face there was an error and a range of work.

It has a built-in bubble level to determine the accuracy of the installation.

Price: 1200 664 rubles

5. Redmi Wireless Headphones


The brand’s latest headphones. They have a good sound and advanced active noise reduction, almost everyone is on the ear.

In addition, the pluses are great autonomy and support for Bluetooth 5.3.

Price: 5677 3406 rub.

6. Stylish case for Airpods


A good protective film case in the form of a classic camera. The flash works! Stylish to say the least.

Price: 294 212 rub.

7. Laxihub security camera


The most affordable camera from AliExpress. Records FullHD, broadcasts it over the network (Wi-Fi and through the application), and also writes to a USB flash drive.

Works in the Tuya ecosystem, connects to Alice.

Price: 5000 883 rub.

8. Burglar alarm Tuya


Another interesting home security component from the growing ecosystem: a ready-made kit for home and apartment security.

Includes a control panel and a set of sensors: movement, opening, smoke. It can be equipped with a special lock, a code panel and a siren.

Price: 6827 5120 rub.

9. Li-Ning running shoes


Distinctive features of running shoes that do not get wet on the outside and perfectly reveal the presence inside. Suitable for everyday wear.

It is worth highlighting a comfortable shoe with the brand’s branded sole, which is distinguished by excellent protection against any type of caps.

Price: 5763 3746 rub.

10. Xiaomi Universal Backpack


One of the most popular brand backpacks in a modified version: it has become less weight, a complete opening of one of the compartments and additional volumes has been discovered.

I have been using this for over 4 years and I’m happy with it. I recommend to buy – the fabric is excellent, the quality is checked.

Price: from 2848 from 1765 rub.

11. Balai iPhone case


Just a stylish case in the style of your favorite science fiction saga. Pretty original prints and a nice price.

Price: 210 126 rub.

12. MiFa wireless speaker


A serious competitor to popular JBL models: clear sound at 60 W thanks to 4 active speakers, bright RGB lighting in the beat, honest stereo.

Yes, it also connects to a stereo pair with another of the same. He is also not afraid of water.

Price: 7670 4222 rub.

13. Aroma Diffuser Shop with fire effect


Compact desktop air humidifier with lighting that imitates a pleasant live fire. Can also be used as an aroma diffuser.

Price: 2120 1123 rub.

14. Baseus car charger


One of the most consumed chargers for a car: 4 ports in total give up to 120 watts – no more than 30 watts for each.

In total, there are 3 ports on the device cable (2 USB and USB-C), one more is on the cigarette lighter connector itself.

Price: 2462 1477 rub.

15. Smart4u smart helmet


The original “smart” helmet is located on the back of the headlight, capable of signaling others about the turn, which is done using a smartphone.

In addition, the helmet has reliable protection and good ventilation. For the summer, it is a must-have accessory.

Price: 3778 3012 rub.

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