VKontakte released the option to create digital avatars. The neural network recognizes a person’s face in a photo and generates an avatar similar to it. The technology works on VK’s own generative models.

VKontakte released the option to create digital avatars

The VK press service announced the innovation. Vmoji is available in an updated version of the VKontakte application, the social network explained.

Vmoji works on VKontakte's own generative machine learning models. The technology recognizes a person's face in a photo and creates a virtual avatar that looks like them. You can make changes to the result, for example, change skin color, hairstyle, clothes.

"The digital avatar will become one more element that connects online with offline and expands the possibilities that are available thanks to the Internet and the evolution of modern technologies," said Alexander Tobol, technical director of VKontakte.

Vmoji is partially paid. The basic set of stickers is available to all users, some features, such as adding unique elements to the image, cost money.

Acceptance of applications for the beta test of Vmoji "VKontakte" opened in June. More than 400 thousand people became test participants, the VK press service specified.


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