We are talking about shock aircraft of the Shahed series, which is an analogue of the American Predator and the Chinese Wing Loong II. The Shahed 161, 191 and 171 drones are described. The serial is built on the “flying wing” principle and can be used for attack not only in a single flight, but also as part of a “swarm”.

The Shahed 161 drone has a take-off weight of 170 kg, a flight radius of 250 km and a maximum flight range of 500 km. The Shahed 191 is a drone with a take-off weight of up to 500 kg and a maximum flight range of up to 750 km. Shahed 171 – heavy UAV, weight up to 3070 kg, flight range – 4400 km.

All drones can be armed with various systems, especially Qaem guided bombs. In this regard, these UAVs are considered stubborn and dangerous in the West.

Such features were confirmed in February 2018. Then the Shahed 171 managed to pass through several American-made Israeli Patriot air defense systems and entered Israel. In the US, they are called “dangerous and extremely stubborn in the most intense air defense conditions.”

Source: Ferra

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