Spanish National Police 25 teenagers arrested, accused of fraud in refunding purchases made on Amazon, recently. The scams practiced by the group may have cost the e-commerce giant more than €500,000 in losses; World this Thursday (21).

According to the publication, the gang created around 500 customer accounts using more than 400 virtual payment cards associated with them on the retailer’s website to make purchases. With these profiles, scammers would buy high-quality electronics, especially more expensive cell phones.

Claiming that the company was contacted shortly after the packages were delivered, the purchased item was defective. In this way, those involved in the program demanded the return of the purchase and the refund of the payment made.

next step scam on amazon was to pack the allegedly defective product and return it to the seller. But instead of putting their smartphones or other devices they buy, teens sent empty packetscontains only the system-generated return label.

Products resold

The group’s action began to arouse suspicion among employees of the company’s returns department, who called the police. Investigations were made in January 2021 by a unit of the retailer. received several empty boxes of returned food.

Once the buyers’ names were printed on the return labels, the agents continued their investigation and came to a conclusion. Network of 25 young peoplewas led by a smaller group of six people, ages 20 to 35. Among them was a model who participated in a famous beauty pageant in the country.

Cell phones and other items that were supposed to be returned to Amazon were resold by the group online, on different websites, according to Spanish officials. Evidence of criminal acts was found at four addresses in cities near Madrid, along with various electronic devices and cash.

those responsible Amazon product return scam in Spain He was arrested last month.

Source: Tec Mundo

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