Xiaomi is working on MIUI 13.5, which the company should now launch in the second half of the year. While the solution is still in beta, some very interesting features are already emerging in the tests of the system, which will be based on Android 13 in its final version.

Xiaomi’s change for its phones will also feature features that go beyond the pure version of Google’s system, in addition to bringing a few new features that will also be in pure Android 13. Check below some of the news that will be included in the latest version of MIUI 13.5.

incognito mode


Privately navigating mobile devices in MIUI 13.5 will be a simple task. Xiaomi’s new interface promises to bring a shortcut that will make it easier to activate the mode that restricts data collection while using the smartphone.

According to the builds published so far, the hidden shortcut will be available in the system shortcuts area, just swipe down from the home screen. When enabled, the function will limit capturing information from the device, for example by restricting the possibility of recording audio.

One-handed ease of use

An interesting design innovation that can already be seen in MIUI 13.5 is the improvements in one-handed use of the interface. As mobile phones have grown, Xiaomi has made some changes to make the device more comfortable to use.


The MIUI 13.5 camera app now has a smaller, denser font, making it easier to access features with one hand by bringing elements closer together. Another application that already brings philosophy is Notes, which improves the splitting of windows to make content more accessible.

Improvements in notifications and windows

The new version of MIUI will also include improvements in notifications and application windows. According to the builds revealed so far, the interface will support app alerts in bubbles and show updates in floating windows on the screen.


Speaking of windows, MIUI 13.5 also promises to bring a redesigned look to the popups of the operating system. Permissions and sharing windows will get a new look and reposition for ease of use.

In addition to the news mentioned above, MIUI 13.5 will also include security enhancements and visual improvements, as always, in such updates. However, the brand has not yet confirmed when the update will arrive, and since the software is under development, many changes may occur until the full version.

Still, you can already check which Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco phones should get MIUI 13.5. Check out the full list here!

Image: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T

Source: Tec Mundo

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