Google has released a new app on the App Store to help users switch from iPhone to Android smartphone. The Switch to Android app is now available on Apple’s app store.

The Switch to Android app has been quietly released on the App Store. Migrate to Android helps iPhone users who want to switch to Android transfer data to new smartphone. Contacts, calendar data, photos and videos. This is possible with the help of Google Drive so you can transfer your data without cables. Also, the app can help you transfer the photos and videos you store in your iCloud to Google Photos.

Unfortunately, the app cannot transfer all the data yet. For example, you cannot transfer app data from your iPhone to Android using Switch to Android.

switch to android

Move to Android lets you switch from your iPhone to an Android smartphone.

move to iOS

With the app, Google has been following Apple, which has offered a similar app on the Play Store since 2015. With Move to iOS, Apple has an app on the Play Store that helps users switch from an Android smartphone to an iPhone. Migration data to iOS is also transferred wirelessly, as the smartphone creates a WiFi network to which the new iPhone connects.

Move to iOS also cannot transfer app data. This is the case for bookmarks, accounts, messages, as well as calendars, contacts, photos and videos.

transfer WhatsApp

If you switch from an iPhone to Android or vice versa, there is no option to transfer app data yet. This is especially difficult if you want to transfer your WhatsApp conversation history. You can back them up to Google Drive or iCloud, but conversation history is not interchangeable.

In the summer of 2021, WhatsApp announced that it will be possible to transfer conversation history, starting with Samsung smartphones. For Samsung smartphones, this is now possible with Samsung’s Smart Switch app. There is still no other way to move WhatsApp between Android and iPhone.

Source: Computer Totaal

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