Green Launch Company hosted and published by the publisher This gas causes severe pain and there is no escape from it. Its main advantage is the cheapness and safety of each launch, as well as the minimization of harmful environmental research.

Dr. John W. Hunter worked for 30 years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where he was involved in the assembly of a hydrogen launcher as part of the SHARP project. In 1992, on a 122-meter stand, it was possible to disperse the projectile to Mach 9, surpassing the speed of a railgun type installation. a new equipment ejection speed record was set. It amounted to 11.2 km / s, which is equivalent to the second space velocity.

Hydrogen gun

Hunter and colleagues proved the fundamental possibility of the emergence of objects in space using a hydrogen gun, in practice everything turned out to be more complicated. The gun is capable of firing only very small projectiles, which are experienced at this 30,000 g load. hundreds, as in the case of a rocket launch. Preparation of the gun for firing takes 60-90 minutes, so you can schedule flexible schedules

In normal use, hydrogen, helium and oxygen, so no harmful emissions result and no debris falls to the ground. The price of one launch is about ten times less than on a rocket. However, Green Start Space is a secondary target because it is much faster and easier to launch probes in suborbital space. That’s too high for balloons and too low for satellites, but mesosphere research is in high demand right now, and the company already has a list of probe launch orders from the required US universities.

Source: Tech Cult

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