increase updated its desktop app with one of the most used features in the iOS version: gesture recognition. Starting today, users will be able to raise your hand and this gesture will be recognized in the meeting as a request to speak. Second gesture thumbs upwhich is automatically converted to an emoji when shown to our webcam.

Gesture recognition will debut on PC eight months after Zoom for iOS. It should be noted that this function disabled by defaultso if you want to use it you will have to activate it in user account or group.

Using gestures in your video calls isn’t the only novelty. zoom announced board redesign to make it a special option in the application. Enlarge boardas it is known in English now integrates directly into desktop clients Zoom, Meetings and Rooms for touch devices.

The board was add Pretty useful for Zoom, and now the company wants to promote its use across all apps in its ecosystem. Users can create boards in the main menu or do it right from Zoom on the web. Since this is a constant function, Zoom Board Files created or published by users stored in the cloud.

Zoom activates one-time passwords

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The new update also implements one-time passwords for those who haven’t enabled 2-Step Verification. If Zoom detects suspicious login You will be sent a password to log in. This security level It consists of sending a one-time key, which will expire when you enter it.

Finally, Zoom has improved chat interaction when we make video calls. In case of an increase in the number of messages, the application will turn off notifications so that participants are not distracted. A tag tool has also been implemented to respond to certain words or phrases in a group chat. Administrators can define policies to follow when a user sends a banned message.

Version 5.10.3 for desktop devices Now it’s available for download. Other features include improvements to the waiting room, an increase in maximum capacity in events, emoji reactions in webinars, a centralized survey directory, an AI-powered sales solution called Zoom IQ, and more.

Source: Hiper Textual

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