The fact is that “structured water” is experiencing a new peak in popularity. Recently, for example, Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh site was selling “structured water filters” for $2,500, and the media has been publishing texts about the “benefits” of this type of water.

It all started with the so-called hypothesis of Gerald Pollak, who argued that water is not three but four cluster states. There is another so-called exclusion zone (EZ) water, EZ-water. According to Pollack, it has unique physical properties and structure. In particular, when water comes into contact with a hydrophilic substance, an EZ-water interlayer is formed between the water and this substance, from which all foreign particles are expelled. While water molecules are made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (with the familiar formula H₂O), Pollack EZ thinks water has an extra hydrogen atom and an extra oxygen atom (the formula H₃O₂).

In fact, near the interface with another substance, water behaves differently. Surface tension is a famous example of this phenomenon. So Pollak hasn’t completely lifted his experimental results from the ceiling. However, their explanation is baseless.

Even if water somehow takes the form of H₃O₂, simple arithmetic shows that turning two H₂O molecules into one H₃O₂ will leave an extra hydrogen atom in the air. However, experiments have shown that this is not the case. And H₃O₂, Pollack suggested, cannot form a liquid according to all the laws of nature.

Source: Ferra

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