It is a modular, self-propagating and functionally advanced Trojan designed to steal banking data. The malware not only bypasses the protection of basic antiviruses, but also remains undetected due to the spread of other malicious programs. Also, experts are constantly observing that the authors of the virus are improving their products.

According to a Check Point Research report, overall Emotet usage is expected to drop by 50% in the coming months, but it still affects 7% of companies worldwide.

The second place in the rating was taken by the Formbook virus, an information stealer program designed for Windows. The malware collects credentials from various web browsers, takes screenshots, monitors and logs keystrokes, and can download and run files as directed by the command and control server. This virus also affects global companies – 3%.

Next up is XMRig, an open source virus that targets PC CPUs. Used to mine Monero cryptocurrency, the global impact of this malware is 2%.

Source: Ferra

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