This DuckDuckGo Are pirated sites blocked in the search results on the platform? disappearing pages like Pirate Bay and movies while searching on the opponent Google raised suspicion that the mechanism removes such services, as reported by TorrentFreak on Friday (15).

In response to the investigation, the CEO privacy-focused search engine, Gabriel Weinberg denied the allegation. On Twitter, he stated that DuckDuckGo does not index any websites related to movie, music, software and game piracy.

According to Weinberg, a problem with research data bingDuckDuckGo’s search engine has caused such pages to disappear. It is useful to remember that both Microsoft search engine and Google, in some regions, has court-ordered domains linked to results piracy.

The administrator also explained that the error occurred when using the “site” operator in the search, as well as when searching for example by typing “”. But the post said it couldn’t find any results even with a direct search without adding the term “site.”

Problem solved

Affected issue Searches for pirate sites on DuckDuckGo seems to be resolved. When using the platform this Tuesday (19), The Pirate Bay searches for services like YTMP3, YouTube-dl, Fmovies and 1337x, and others of this type already display results normally.

Now, the search engine is back to display them.

In recent weeks, this is the second time the search engine has been surrounded by controversy. In March, the engine began lowering the rankings of promoting sites. russian disinformationAs an answer invasion of ukraineby removing them from the main results.

The company, which has been criticized by right-wing figures who claim that its principles of freedom of expression are being abandoned, said it was not about censorship but was “an issue”.search order”.

Source: Tec Mundo

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