The Google Meet app is being updated with two important new features. The first will be available to everyone, promising improvements to automatic background effects The second of the app will offer cloud processing for weaker devices, but is limited to professional Meet users.

Improved backgrounds promise to better detect the person from behind the image, offering more accurate blurring and replacement when effects are applied. Google has provided an example in the image below; payment!

In contrast, cloud computing is geared specifically towards weaker devices and can help lighten the load on the device’s hardware. According to the company, the Meet app will detect when the device is “stressed” to activate cloud processing and try to deliver the most optimized experience.


Improved backgrounds are available for all users but will depend on device compatibility. Cloud processing is only available for “work”, not personal Google Meet accounts. There’s a restriction to countries that can use the feature first, though, and Brazil isn’t part of the innovation’s debut list.

Source: Tec Mundo

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